Robinson Hall 105


Robinson Hall 105 provides a flexible technology-rich teaching space for faculty and students. The room is easily reconfigurable to accommodate a variety of interactive pedagogical and collaborative approaches. The technology is up-to-date and simple to use, allowing an instructor to teach from several vantage points in the room.
During the academic year, Robinson 105 is scheduled by the FAS Registrar’s Office through the FAS RoomBook system and is thus available to any FAS faculty member who needs a classroom that supports interactive, project and technology-focused teaching.
Renovated Summer 2015
Room Capacity 20
Room Characteristics Easily movable tables and chairs; multiple fixed writing surfaces (whiteboard and blackboard); portable height-adjustable instructor station; multiple lighting zones; light filtering and blackout shades; and acoustical ceiling and wall panels.
Room Technology Electric projection screen; high-definition projector and four LCD flat panel displays with wireless and wired laptop connections; resident computer; document camera; high-definition Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera for video teleconferencing (via Skype/WebEx); and a touch panel control system. For additional information on the technology in the room, please visit the Education Support Services website.

Robinson 105
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