Robinson Hall

During summer 2015, the Office of Physical Resources and Planning launched a multiphase renovation project of Robinson Hall. In the initial phase, three (3) first-floor classrooms were redesigned to help meet the evolving needs of teaching and learning in the FAS. Robinson 105 and Robinson 107 were transformed into flexible technology-rich teaching spaces with reconfigurable furniture to accommodate a variety of interactive pedagogical and collaborative approaches. Robinson 106 remains a traditional seminar space, but has been updated with easy-to-use technology and new furnishings. Even though all three spaces have been completely modernized, they still retain the architectural charm and historical elements of the early 20th-century building.

The second, and most extensive, phase of the project commenced during summer 2018. The work included the installation of an elevation, the reconfiguration of the department office area, and the redesign of the second-floor classrooms. The original four (4) small, cramped meeting rooms were converted into two (2) spacious, accessible seminar rooms (Robinson 222 and Robinson 223) with modern AV equipment and ample writing surfaces.

Robinson Hall classrooms are scheduled by the FAS Registrar’s Office through the FAS RoomBook system.


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