Multimedia Support


Media & Technology Services (MTS) provides a wide range of multimedia services for classes and events to the Faculty of Arts & Sciences, the Extension & Summer Schools, and the Harvard Community.

MTS can assist with general audio/visual services, such as computer and video projection, audio playback, overhead and slide projection, and live sound reinforcement in FAS classrooms. MTS technicians are also available to provide in-room equipment training and troubleshooting to faculty and staff.

In addition, MTS technicians can provide a class or event with on-location digital audio and video recordings. Audio and video content is captured digitally and can be distributed via CD, DVD, and/or online streaming media. MTS can also provide a live video feed to overflow rooms.

Other service provided are:

  • Event Planning
  • Multi-camera Video Production
  • Video Editing
  • Video Conferencing
  • Equipment Rental
  • Inventory, Maintenance, and Repairs of Installed Equipment
  • Consulting, Designing, and Assisting with Multimedia Installations
  • Ensuring Classroom & Video Conference Standards

For contact information, please visit their website.